Vol,1 Mizuha and Kanagawa Dental University


Pr. Tsukinoki :
Professor of Environmental Pathology, Department of Oral Science, Kanagawa Dental University, who tested Wakka toothbrush.

Mr. Hamada :
Sales Leader, who is in charge of exporting Mizuha Oral Care products.

Mr. Tanaka :
Sales person, who organized test of Wakka with Pr. Tsukinoki.


Mr. Hamada :
SHINEI KAISHA has launched a toothbrush project with Mizuha brand with a catch phrase of “the new way of oral care.”
The Wakka toothbrush is our first innovative product and is currently being sold in the market place.
The Wakka toothbrush has mixed a special natural stone, black silica, in its bristle. This feature removes plaque more efficiently than regular toothbrushes.
This toothbrush has been successfully tested at Professor Tsukinoki’s laboratory at Kanagawa Dental University, resulting in proof of its efficacy.

Though it was the first world trial, it went exceedingly well. Thank you all very much for your cooperation.
Our goal was not only to develop a new product that prevents tooth decay through the Mizuha project, but also to make a Japanese contribution to world health via its new way of oral care.
So, I’d like to ask you a few questions about today’s oral care and health.

First of all, the Wakka product that you tested was confirmed for its high efficacy in removing plaque.
What did you think about this, Pr. Tsukinoki?

Pr. Tsukinoki
Well, my first impression was surprise about its dark color; the Black Silica as you just mentioned. 
As you know, Black Silica is a natural ore containing substances for multiple health benefits.  

I was first surprised to hear that was it mixed into a toothbrush head, and successfully made it as a complete product. That caused me to become interested in this toothbrush immediately.
Another thing I noticed was the simply tapered bristle, having no roughness at all. I could not imagine stones were included.

I was impressed with these points when I saw it the first time.

Then, we checked how the cleaning efficiency was.

The Wakka toothbrush with Black Silica was statistically proven for its high cleaning effects.  I was very amazed to learn that.

There are not so many toothbrushes which have achieved such impressive cleaning effects by mixing something into the bristles. 
From that perspective, this toothbrush was based on a new approach. 
Furthermore, the fact that this type of toothbrush’s efficacy was proven may give real hope for innovative toothbrush developments in other different materials. 
I felt this toothbrush had very promising future possibilities.

Mr. Hamada :
Thank you very much. We will continue to make an effort to deliver more products to the market as well as the Wakka toothbrush. We might ask your cooperation again. From here, Mr. Tanaka will ask you a few questions about oral care and health. Mr. Tanaka, please.