News about Mizuha project

mizuha oralcare

Shinyei Kaisha has developed the world’s first, Japan-made, miswak toothbrush known as the “Crystal Miswak” which features bristles blended with natural miswak powder (utility model registered on May 31, 2017).
Taking advantage of Japanese manufacturing capabilities and the global network established by Shinyei Group has enabled Shinyei to export its products to various countries in the world.

As of April 2019, the number of the countries that Shinyei exports its Crystal Miswak and other original oral care products reaches 32 countries, including the Middle East and Shinyei is enjoying very favorable reputation in such countries.
With the aim of facilitating further developments and sales of its new oral care products and increasing the recognition of its businesses there, Shinyei has just established its new business brand of “Mizuha” on April 18, 2019 (4/18 can be pronounced as yoiha, meaning “good teeth” in Japanese).