ABOUT Mizuha


About Mizuha

“Mizuha” is the alphabetical notation of a classic Japanese word that is used to praise good teeth. It is used to describe “shiny” or “good” teeth. “Mizu” denotes a young, bright and fresh state and is a word that is used to praise someone who has a fresh and pure appearance.

Products sold under the Mizuha brand shall

  • fall under the oral care product category
  • be made in Japan
  • be safe
  • be developed using excellent and innovative Japanese manufacturing technologies
  • have the appropriate functions and designs that will allow people throughout the world to use them comfortably

Via the utilization of Japan’s excellent capabilities at manufacturing sites, and to meet potential global needs in the field of oral care, we wish to make products available that bring joy to people all over the world, irrespective of their race and gender.
We wish to be a good partner to customers and thereby establish healthy practices in ordinary everyday life together with them. The brand name, “Mizuha,” presents these wishes.